Blackjack When To Hit

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When to Hit in Blackjack Trying to hit on every hand is a common mistake made by new blackjack players. Instead, focus on only taking cards that can help improve your chances of winning. Here are four tips for when to hit in blackjack: 1. When you have a four or five card hand that qualifies as a good hit, take it. This means having an Ace, two cards worth at least 15 points each, and one card that is worth 10 or less. In most cases, this will result in a win. 2. When you have a good hand but are concerned about the potential of another player making a higher bet, hold back and wait for someone to make an offer you can’t refuse. This usually happens when there is only one other player left at the table and the dealer has three or more cards showing. If the other player makes an offer you can’t refuse, accepting it will give your good hand more strength and improve your chances of winning significantly. 3. When you aren’t sure if a particular card will help your hand or not, don’t take it – this includes any wildcards that may be involved in the round. Wait until

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