Miss Poke Reus

“miss poke reus” is an american site in which you can buy, sell and trade pokemon cards.


Miss Poke reus es una app que se basa en el juego Pokémon, y que permite intercambiar pokemons entre estudiantes. La app fue lanzada el pasado mes de abril, y ha tenido una excelente recepción en la comunidad de educadores y 6.000 usuarios registrados en apenas dos meses. Miss Poke reus is an anime blogger who is passionate about video games, fashion and cosplay. You can find her on several social media platforms sharing her opinions, thoughts and pictures about all things related to gaming, anime and fashion.

My outfits

\sn\spN/aN/a Hi everyone! Here are my outfits for the Miss Poke Reus contest this Saturday. I hope you like them! Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you all my outfits that I wore during my visit to Miss Poke Reus. The first outfit is the dress that I wore for the opening ceremony. It is a beautiful blue dress with a florette skirt and a large white flower in the center. The next outfit is the outfit that I wore to the photo session. It is a cute pink dress with laces up the front and a small white rose on the chest. The last outfit is the one that I wore for my interviews. It is a beautiful green dress with lace up detail at the waist and ends in two oversized balls. I hope you enjoy seeing my outfits!

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Shoes I want

1. I want a pair of shoes with a diamante design on the front. 2. I also want a shoe with a very high heel so I can look taller and more elegant. 3. Last, but not least, I want a shoe that is flexible and easy to walk in, as I am prone to getting blisters often. ¡Hola! Como están, esta noche os traigo un post sobre mis zapatos preferidos, especialmente para las bailarinas. Ya saben que soy una fanática de la moda, así que si os apetece saber qué zapatos llevo hoy a todas partes y en cualquier momento me compartiré mis must-haves. Como viene siendo habitual en mis posts, voy a empezar por mi tienda virtual de zapatos. En ella encontraré lo que busquéis: Zapatos hechos a medida, diferentes tipos de cordones para variar el look y más. ¿A qué hora queréis seguirme? 🙂 Un beso porque espero te gusten!

Book recommendations At the beginning, misspoke’s blog post is titled “Introducing MISSPOOKEREUS.”

Misspoke’s blog is a compilation and reorganization of all the books she’s read in her life. She reviews them, shares her thoughts, and gives recommendations. In this post, she recommends “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson as a must-read book for everyone. Please check it out! If you’re looking for something new to read, misspoke’s got your back. Here are three of her favorite books this week.